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We are a confidential partner delivering expert productivity and high quality whatever your production needs maybe. As a contract manufacturer, SOAR Converting is a reliable partner who converts tissue and non-woven substrates into folded, rolls or specialty substrates ready for your consumer. OUR CORPORATE CULTURE IS ATTUNED TO CREATIVITY, INNOVATION, AGILITY  AND UNCOMPROMISING QUALITY

Roll, Folded, Specialty Products

Our name defines us: SOAR Converting Solutions. Our goal is to provide you with a total solution. From product enhancement, customer service, logistics and other business needs we will strive to assist you. We diligently work at being creative and agile and will work with you to find your best value based solution. Our many years of experience in the converting arena will impress and benefit you.

We do not produce or market any of our own private brands. We choose to be your partner and teammate and not your competitor.

Using cutting-edge and technologically advanced equipment SOAR Converting Solutions offers more uptime via engineered enhancement and faster line speed. Our high-speed napkin folders and coreless, roll-to-roll fully automated winders produce a vast array of product options. As an extension of your production team, SOAR can provide you a wide variety of roll, folded, and specialty products. SOAR welcomes all inquires on any of your production needs. We are not limited to our present product line

Our blend of strategy & creativity results in dynamic outcomes that assist in supporting the future growth of our clients’ businesses. Everything we achieve is repeatedly delivered efficiently through commitment, sincerity & unconditional professionalism.

Our modern manufacturing and distribution facility is designed specifically for state of the art paper- tissue converting. From concept, to design, to construction every aspect of efficiency in all facets were taken into consideration. We are strategically located near the main corridor of Interstate 41 and 43 in the Green Bay suburb of Howard. Our new Campus is on a 26 acre parcel in an industrial park setting.

SOAR Converting Solutions provides partners:

Unwavering Core Values and Principles


State of the Art QC Lab

Value-Based, Integrated Experience

Certified personnel

Truly Confidential Partnership

Principled Personnel

Our operating personnel are committed to getting top production and demanded quality from our highly automated equipment. Typically, we haven’t had difficulty filling our personnel needs due to an enriching corporate culture. We show respect for our personnel as essential business partners by providing excellent working conditions and compensation. Everyone at SOAR believes in the same principles: integrity, personal responsibility, safety, teamwork and most importantly, exceeding clients’ expectations. Simply stated “WE CARE.”

Honesty, Integrity
& Partnership

We don’t just talk the talk – we walk the walk. SOAR takes tremendous pride in who we are, what we stand for, and what we do.

Our Values

Every business decision we make – and we mean every single one – is built on one belief. That belief is to provide the quality, service and value that our partners expect, demand and most importantly, deserve.


1480 Brookfield Ave
Green Bay, WI 54313

Phone: 920-770-1440


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Partners. Teammates.

Not Competitors

A genuine extension of our partners’ production team.